Katie is the best! She is remarkably patient with the dogs. She has wonderful hands that find that “spot” that is causing trouble and she can smooth and soothe it away. My older dog has chronic back issues and massage keeps her moving. As a matter of fact, when her massage is over, Carlie keeps pushing her way back to Katie’s side to try to get more! We will continue to use Katie for doggie massage forever.

— Jeanie M.

We love Katie! She has worked wonders for our 12 year old boxer. She has the magic touch and our dog just loves going to see her. His range of motion and energy has significantly improved since going to her for his massages and stretching. Katie is highly recommended!

— Annie and Jeff

Katie is the best! She loves to help animals with muscle issues. Massage also helps with contact issues. All 3 of my dogs have gone to Katie. My 12 year old still did agility!

— Maryann  J.

Getting a massage for your pet should be something every pet owner should think of doing. It helps to ease stress, and move blood flow around their bodies, Plus, Katie is able to pick up on subtle “tension” clues that I might not be aware of. I have big dogs, and my Senior Ginger and younger dog Bosco, feel and act differently after Katie’s touch, I wish I could get her to work on me as well!!

— Lisa W.

My dog was getting older and enjoyed flyball and agility so I thought it would be a good idea to try massage with her. To say she loves it would be an understatement. Recently she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and massage has become an important part of her routine. Thanks so much for allowing Dakota to have quality of life as she enters her senior years.

— Joann

My dogs have been clients of Ms. Mehrtens for some time.  They look forward to their appointments and love Katie.  The massage along with other rehab has helped them overcome sports injuries and keep them in shape for their competitions.  I am so happy with the results and so are they!

— Lee C. DVM, PhD

I am ever so grateful to you for your skilled hands! The regular massages with you have gone a long way towards keeping my little “kamikaze” agility dog running and competing. Your patient and gentle way with the dogs, your ability to connect with them from day one, is a gift to us all. Piper is always happy to see you and enjoys her massage therapy. Her chiro/rehab vet insists that the benefits of your massages is an integral part of keeping her sound. So many thanks to you for your magical touch and your friendship too.

— JoAnn

Our 12 ½ year old boxer, Sanka, had long suffered from chronic arthritis, and as she was getting older our vet recommended massage therapy as another option for pain relief. From the moment Katie’s fingers worked their magic on Sanka’s lumpy body, she began to have a renewed spring in her step. Sanka’s quality of life significantly improved in a very short period of time. Even up in years Sanka was still very hyper, however within moments of wobbling in to see Katie, she became so relaxed she sometimes began to snore and fall asleep. What a transformation!! We can’t say enough wonderful things about Katie and her exceptional skills. What she did for our Sanka cannot be measured. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

—  Ron and Vivian K.

Katie Mehrtens came highly recommended by Share Siwek, DVM who was treating our dog, Sydnee for joint pain, and stiffness. Katie is very professional, and provides a sense of calm & comfort to both client, and their person. It is obvious how passionate Katie is about assisting her clients to a state of well being. She pays attention to your animal’s needs, and communicates this through massage. I would not hesitate to recommend Katie Mehrtens. She is good at what she does, and does it with a smile.

— Lisa R.

Morgan is a six or seven year old lab/shepherd rescue with bad hips.  He walks with a limp.  After 5 half hour massages from Katie over a 3 month span, he has a less pronounced limp and is much more active.  He chases the squirrels instead of just barking at them and initiates play with our other dog which hasn’t happened in a long time. Since meeting Katie, Morgan’s quality of life has definitely improved. Katie will be massaging Morgan into an active old age.

— Cheryl P.

In our opinion, when clients are ready to seek out massage for their pets, it is for one of two reasons (1) they understand and realize the value of massage in general and/or (2) their pet is at a point in their lives (whether due to age, injury, or health issues) where they are willing to do whatever it will take to improve the pet’s quality of life for as long as possible.

We began seeing Katie just over two years ago with our littermate (at the time 13 year old Labrador retriever) dogs. They were both in pretty great health (especially for their age), but age, normal arthritis, and years of mileage were catching up with them. We began with 30-minute massages for each of them once a month. They both really enjoyed it and it seemed to give them a boost in the mobility and comfort department; which would last a couple of weeks. By the time the next appointment came around they were both ready for it. In February 2013, we lost our one lab due to degenerative myelopathy. Katie was instrumental in keeping her feeling her best until the sad day we said goodbye.

Her littermate, now closing in on 15 years old, is holding steady and strong in great part due to Katie’s healing, kind, and caring hands and heart. He now reaps the benefit of a 60 minute massage once a month – which he loves!! He is not a real “kissy” type of dog, but when he is getting his massage, he is all kisses – as if to say thank you, thank you, thank you!! This feels so good!!

There is no doubt that Katie has been instrumental in extending the quality and comfort of our boy. She is professional, thorough, extremely gentle, kind, passionate about helping to maintain and heal animals, generous, and in this field for the very best reason of all – to lovingly help animals feel better and live as fully as possible. I know many might think of this as a luxury for their pets, but when is good health a luxury? Our boy actually (again, at nearly age 15!) “trots” in to see Katie when it is his turn! Even though we do home massage and stretching for him regularly, what Katie does is concentrated work on the areas that most need attention, and of course the whole body as well. Her knowledge and love of massage for animals is clear and effective.

We highly endorse and recommend Katie Mehrtens at The Right Spot for pet massage! She gets 4 paws up from our boy and us! Thank you, Katie!

— Emilie, Kurt, Miles, and Faye

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