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K-9 Egg-stravenganza! Dog Easter Egg Hunt!

Come On Out For A Fun Dog Themed Egg-stravaganza
All Proceeds To Benefit The Red Door Animal Shelter

So, get your pooch and come on out for this great event!

AND – The Right Spot will be offering FREE mini-massages to all K-9 participants!

When: March 24, 2018 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Where: Rex’s Place/Dog Obedience Group, 2120 Ashland, Evanston. IL
General Info: This egg hunt will be so much fun for your dog! Every egg contains a treat–all of them for k-9s and humans. Treats include restaurant gift certificates, dog toys, dog biscuits, and chocolate bars for people. Also, a photo opportunity for your dog to pose in a spring background with owner. Participating dogs must be socialized, leashed and well-behaved. $10 per dog for egg hunt. Spring photos are $10 each.  All money raised goes directly to the homeless rabbits at Red Door.

Hope to see you all there!

MehrKatK-9 Egg-stravenganza! Dog Easter Egg Hunt!
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Are You Talking To Me?!

Communication is an extraordinary thing. We use it so often that we probably don’t even think about it much. However, communication between animals and people is different. Although our pets don’t communicate like we do using spoken words, sign language, the written word, etc, they definitely communicate! Our pets vocalize in a variety of ways, some pets point, others may pull on their leash, some may hide when scared, just to name a few communication efforts.

Communication During A Massage

There are numerous ways your pet may communicate during his/her massage session. Communication may be as obvious as moving away or toward me, a vocalization, and/or moving the body position; or it may be as subtle as a look, a slight body shift, a slight he     ad movement. or a sigh. I also watch your pet for communication signals such as yawning, scratching the ground, looking away, and others. As a pet massage therapist, I am trained to look for any type of communication effort your pet may display.

The Amazing Body

Your pet’s body itself is another type of communication I rely upon. I look at and feel your pets body itself to tell me what is going on. Is your pet favoring a certain leg or side? Are there areas of heat or cold on the body? Are there any areas of tightness? Are there any muscle twitches or spasms? All of these physical qualities  give me clues as to what may be occurring with your pet, and since your pet cannot tell me, it is up to me to figure it out.


All of the above are great examples of how pets may communicate during a session. The next step for me is to learn each individual animal’s communication meaning(s). A bit more tricky! For example, some dogs are talkers so it could be completely normal for one dog to make a vocalization (growly sound) as I massage, vs. the vocalization being a warning from another dog. My own dog is a big talker, so what might sound scary to someone else I know to be just him. Another example is your pet getting up and walking around during the massage. Often this is simply your pet assimilating the massage into his/her body. However. it may be because he/she is guarding an area, or it could simply be your pet wanting to change position.


Recently one of my regular clients, Eddy, came to see me. Eddy, an 11 year-old large muscular guy, came jogging in to his session wagging his tail. Typically, Eddy will lie down once he has greeted me. On this day, he did not. Hmmmm….interesting. His owner asked Eddy to lie down a number of times, but he would not. Good communication, but now I had to figure out why. As I ran my hands down Eddy’s back, I felt a raised tight area. After I worked on this area to loosen and relax it, I expected Eddy to lie down, but he still would not. Again, hmmm….As I ran my hand over his right shoulder blade (scapula), Eddy whimpered. Aha! I gently palpated this area and the muscles around it, but did not feel anything unusual. Eddy continued to whimper, but stayed by me, so I continued to gently palpate and massage the area. Finally a knot emerged. The knot must have been deeply embedded in the muscles and took a bit of coaxing to come to the surface. Eddy allowed my to work on it to loosen it, and then he laid down! Tada! Thank you Eddy!

I never cease to be amazed at how effectively our pets communicate with us! And while all pets are different, they all communicate. It’s just up to us to figure out what they are saying!

MehrKatAre You Talking To Me?!
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Hooray For The Holidays!

I love the holidays! I start getting all excited just before Halloween until after the New Year has begun. I love all of it – the decorations, the music, the food, and especially shopping for gifts for my favorite beings – including MY DOGS!

With all of that said, as excited as I am, the holidays can bring about stress, including for our pets. Their routine can be messed up, different people are coming in and out of the house, all kinds of boxes and decorations are filling the house, furniture (and dog beds) may get moved, and for me, a great big tree is in the corner!

This stress can often produce anxiety, and anxiety can lead to one very unhappy pet, and of course an unhappy owner! You know what helps with stress and anxiety? MASSAGE!

Massage and Anxiety

It is well documented that massage helps to calm the nervous system, thus reducing stress and anxiety. The gentle, slow strokes of (Swedish) massage work directly with the central nervous system to calm our entire being. Our breathing slows and deepens, our blood pressure reduces, our muscles relax, and thus our entire being relaxes. The effects of massager, especially for our pets, often last longer than the length of a session. A massage session also gives our pets a break. It brings them out of their own anxiety to a time of relaxation – a time just for them to settle. I know that is one of the reasons why I love getting a massage myself!

A Few Holiday Tips

As we move into the holiday season, below are a few simple reminders and tips. You know your pet best, so some of these tips may apply, and others not so much.

  • Have a separate, quiet space available for pets during busy holiday festivities
  • Place possibly toxic plants out of reach (holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia)
  • Keep all dangerous / poisonous foods away from pets (cooked bones, meat-soaked strings, chocolate, grapes, raisins, alcohol, sugary foods, artificial sweeteners, macadamia nuts, coffee, tobacco products)
  • Keep an eye on the holiday table and secure leftovers and garbage to prevent your pet from foraging among them
  • Avoid edible tree decorations – cookies, popcorn, cranberries, etc.
  • Keep an eye on the holiday table and secure leftovers and garbage to prevent your dog from foraging among the holiday foods
  • Tree needles, both fresh and artificial, can cause problems if ingested
  • Read about tree preservatives as they are often sugar-based (and inviting to dogs). Also, change the tree water often so it does not become stagnant and harbor potentially harmful bacteria
  • Be cautious with lights on lower tree branches, especially if you have a curious pet
  • Wires leading to tree lights or other decorations should be safely taped so they cannot be chewed
  • Watch the electrical cords – pets may chew them and get shocked
  • Be cautious with glass ornaments, which break easily and may cut a dog’s feet or mouth
  • Place candles up high so they are not accessible, or use battery operated candles
  • Keep wrapping paper, ribbons, strings and scissors off floors and low tables
  • Your dog may want to investigate wrapped packages; keep them out of reach
  • Always try to use chemical free cleaning products

I wish everyone a very joyous and festive holiday season! Give your pet (and yourself :)) the gift of massage! It will surely be a time of relaxation and calm for the both of you!

MehrKatHooray For The Holidays!
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Small Business Saturday Celebration!


WooHoo! It’s Small Business Saturday!

To celebrate,  The Right Spot is having an Open House on Saturday, November 25, 2017 at the Skokie Studio!

Every dog, along with their human companion, should learn about and experience the many wonderful benefits of pet massage. Pet Massage is soooo much more than simple relaxation – it is highly theraputic and beneficial to your pet’s overall well-being. To help more pet parents and their animal companions learn first hand about pet massage, The Right Spot is offering NEW CLIENTS the chance to experience the amazing benefits of pet massage at a special price.

To make sure my wonderful existing clients don’t feel left out, I am offering: 

As with all deals, here is the not-so-fine print:
The Skokie Studio is located at 9244 Kilpatrick Ave, Skokie
Spots are limited, please contact Katie ASAP to make an appointment: 773-329-7233 /
*one per customer, reg. $30, valid on Saturday, November 25, 2017 at the Skokie Studio only
**one per customer, reg. $60, appointment must be scheduled by Sunday, November 26, 2017

I am looking forward to seeing you and your wonderful companion on November 25! It’s a celebration!


MehrKatSmall Business Saturday Celebration!
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The Spooky Pooch Parade 2017

Every year, The Chicago Botanic Garden holds The Spooky Pooch Parade, a parade and costume contest for dogs and their people. It is the one time of year dogs are allowed to enter the garden. This year it was held on Saturday, October 21 and it was an absolutely gorgeous, sunny 72 degree day! A perfect day for a parade of festively dressed dogs and their owners!

The Right Spot Pet Massage has been participating in The Spooky Pooch Parade for about 5 years. Every year is fantastic, and every year I am blown away by the creative and fun costumes the dogs and their owners are wearing. To see pictures of the dogs and their people visit The Chicago Botanic Gardens website by clicking here.

Below are some of the dogs The Right Spot had the pleasure of massaging:




Happy Holloween Everyone!

MehrKatThe Spooky Pooch Parade 2017
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Mutt Putt 2017

Back in August (yikes!) I participated in a fabulous event – The First Annual Mutt Putt at Canal Shores Golf Club (1030 Central St, Evanston, IL). What do dogs have to do with this golf course?! It is a not-for-profit golf club that allows dogs to be on the greens! Dogs are allowed, especially when no one is golfing, to run around on the wide open grassy areas! Fantastic, right?

It was a very fun event with lots of great dogs, vendors, rescues, and agility/nose work demos. I had a great time meeting dogs and their parents and offering free mini massages. Here are a few pictures from the event:


The Right Spot hopes to participate again next year! Hope to see you there!

MehrKatMutt Putt 2017
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Let’s Celebrate National Dog Day!

Hooray! It’s National Dog Day!

Come on out on Satdurday, August 26 to celebrate National Dog Day at a fabulous free dog event in Evanston!

“Mutt Putt” is taking place at The Canal Shores Golf Club – a not for profit golf course that ALLOWS DOGS!
There will be lots of great dog-centered vendors, activities, and of course FREE PET MASSAGE by The Right Spot!
Hope to see you there!
Hope to see you there! !



MehrKatLet’s Celebrate National Dog Day!
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What, Are You High or Something??!!

My Opinions on CBD for Pets

CBD (cannabidiol) is getting a lot of attention these days. For a number of years, I’ve been reading about CBD and dogs. Finally, after researching all of the wonderful benefits, I decided to try it.

I have a small dog with small dog syndrome. Plus, she suffers from high anxiety and fear, which sometimes leads to aggressive behaviors. It breaks my heart to see her struggling with this anxiety. Aside from positive training, we have tried many, MANY other remedies, both holistic and traditional.  And while her behaviors showed some improvement, she still suffered from severe fear and anxiety.

So, after reading about how CBD can help with anxiety, I decided to check it out. And what did I discover:  IT WORKS!
After taking CBD, my girl is much calmer and less fearful. People have even commented how different her behavior is (without knowing she has had some CBD). Don’t get me wrong – she is still fearful, but it is noticeably less.

When we first started, I started her out on the low end of the recommended dose, but this was too much for her. I ended up cutting her dose way down. So, what I learned is to start below the recommended dose and work my way up.

I recently read an article in Dogs Naturally Magazine that gives some great information about CBD for pets. Below are some of the highlights from the article, but I encourage you to read the whole article yourself!

10 Things You Didn’t Know About CBD Oil For Dogs

  1. CBD is not psychoactiveit’s a compound found in cannabis & hemp. It contains no/very little THC, so your dog won’t get “high,” but will get all the benefits without the intoxication
  2. CBD oil reduces anxiety
  3. CBD can fight cancer & help increase the effectiveness of cancer meds
  4. CBD can treat seizures & epilepsy
  5. CBD relieves pain & inflammation
  6. CBD can help with inflammatory bowel disease
  7. CBD reduces chronic inflammation & autoimmune disease(s)
  8. CBD protects the nervous system & helps with neurodegenerative diseases (& is especially good for senior dogs)
  9. CBD increases appetite & helps with nausea
  10. CBD promotes cardiovascular health

A Few Additional Notes. CBD is:

  • a powerful antioxidant, more powerful than vitamins C & E
  • legal (for dogs) in all 50 states
  • has antibiotic properties
  • safe – numerous studies show that CBD appears to be safe, even when taken in high doses & over extended periods of time
  • side effects are mild & animals don’t appear to build up a tolerance

Not All CBD Oils Are The Same – Choose A High Quality Oil!

  • Buy organic
  • Don’t cheap out: The higher the quality/purity, the higher the cost
  • Get the analysis of the amount of CBD in the product – it makes a difference
  • Make sure there is little or no THC in the product

Important Notes To Consider

  • Talk with your vet about CBD
  • Start your dog off low &slow
  • Buy CBD as a tincture: it’s easier to adjust the dose in a tincture

So….How Does This Relate to Massage?

In my practice, I see a lot of anxious and/or fearful pets, both chronic and acute conditions, and sometimes even aggressive pets. Before a session I will often use put a few drops of CBD  on my hands, or offer some to the guardian to give to his/her pet. I also recently purchased a room spray to try.

For me, CBD oil has been a great addition to both my dog, and at times in my practice. Please remember, this is all my personal experience and opinion – I am not a vet, nor do I play one on TV 🙂

Thanks for checking in!


MehrKatWhat, Are You High or Something??!!
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Great Pet Massage Events in June!

It’s the beginning of summer and The Right Spot Pet Massage is ready to meet new four-and-two legged friends!

Come out and learn about pet massage and let your companion experience a free mini massage at one of these great events!

Bentleys Pet Stuff – Long Grove, IL

  Saturday, June 3, 2017, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

The Right Spot will be talking about pet massage and giving a free demo at 11:00 am. After the demo, The Right Spot will be offering free minni massages to companion pets. Call Bentley’s to reserve your spot! Bentley’s Long Grove 4196 IL Route 83, Long Grove, IL 847-793-0500

Pet Blessing at Unity Chicago – Chicago                                                                                       

Come out to the beautiful Unity Garden for a Blessing of the Animals! Dr. Share Siwek, DVM (Kindred Spirits Healing Arts), Master Teacher Billie Topa Tate (MSI Healing), and Mama Little Wolf will be offering a wonderful blessing for companion pets. Please visit for more information.

Bentleys Pet Stuff – Skokie, IL

  Saturday, June 17, 2017, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

The Right Spot will be talking about pet massage and giving a free demo at 11:00 am. After the demo, The Right Spot will be offering free minni massages to companion pets. Call Bentley’s to reserve your spot! Bentley’s Skokie 5229 Toughy Ave, Skokie, IL 224-251-8677

The Red Door Shelter – Walk for the Animals

   Sunday, June 11, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm, Indian Boundry Park

Celebrating The Big Easy!! Woo-Hoo!! Come out for this fabulous event and have a blast! The Red Door Shelter ( looks for forever homes for rabbits, cats, and dogs. The Right Spot will be there offering free mini massages to all the four-legged participants.

Hope to see YOU at one of these great events!

MehrKatGreat Pet Massage Events in June!
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