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New Location at Love Fur Dogs

I am so excited to announce that The Right Spot Pet Massage will now be working in Glencoe, IL at Love Fur Dogs – 69 Green Bay Rd, Glencoe, IL

love-fur-dogs-logoLove Fur Dogs is a beautiful pet grooming salon with a brand new area for doggie daycare! Not only does Love Fur Dogs offer grooming, but you can get trained to be a groomer yourself! Check them out at

To set up an appointment with The Right Spot at Love Fur Dogs (or any other location), please call Katie at 773.329.7233. Hope to see you soon!

MehrKatNew Location at Love Fur Dogs
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Free Pet Massage Demo at Bentley’s Corner Barkery!

Come one, come all!
The Right Spot will be at Bentley’s Corner Barkery in Rogers Park Saturday, April 25, 2015 from 11:00am – 2:00pm.
Bentley’s Corner Barkery – Rogers Park is located at:
1257 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60660

I love doing these events!! It’s a great opportunity for people and their pets to experience animal massage! There is NO pressure, I promise! Just an opportunity to learn about dog massage and see personally how your dog responds to it!

MehrKatFree Pet Massage Demo at Bentley’s Corner Barkery!
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Free Pet Massage at Love Fur Dogs!


The Right Spot Pet Massage will be offering free pet massage at Love Fur Dogs in Glencoe, IL. The event will take place TOMORROW 4/11/15 from 10:00 am – 3:15 pm.

There are still a few spots left! To schedule a FREE short massage (about 20 minutes), please call Katie at 773-329-7233.

Come learn and see for yourself the wonderful benefits of massage for our beloved family members.

Love Fur Dogs is located at
69 Green Bay Rd, Glencoe, IL

In the Hubbard Woods shopping plaza. Love Fur Dogs is a wonderful and warm grooming shop, boutique, and doggie daycare center! Check them out at

MehrKatFree Pet Massage at Love Fur Dogs!
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Fun Event at Rex’s Place!

Come to Rex’s Place in Evanston on March 28 for an Easter Egg Hunt with your dog! Woo Hoo!! The Right Spot will be offering free massages to all canine participants! This is sure to be a great event! All proceeds benefit The Red Door Shelter in Rogers Park, Chicago.

K-9 Egg-stravenganza! Dog Easter Egg Hunt
March 28, 2015
1:30 pm to 4:00 pm

This egg hunt will be so much fun for your dog! Every egg contains a treat; all of them for k-9s and humans. Treats include restaurant gift certificates, dog toys, dog biscuits, and chocolate bars for people. Also, a photo opportunity for your dog to pose in a spring background with owner.

Participating dogs must be socialized, leashed and well-behaved. $10 per dog for egg hunt. Spring photos are $10 each. Egg hunt at Rex’s Place/Dog Obedience Group, 2120 Ashland, Evanston. All money raised goes directly to the homeless rabbits at Red Door.

MehrKatFun Event at Rex’s Place!
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Why Pet Massage? Simply put…

In my work, many of my clients are looking for alternatives and additions to their traditional vet care. Massage is one of those alternatives. Massage helps ease muscle pain, arthritis, edema, injuries, high blood pressure, anxiety and stress, etc.  by working with the whole body system. By working with the whole body, I can feel where pain may be, and work with that area as well as surrounding areas that also may be affected. As with most humans today, pet massage is not simply a luxury, it is a way of helping your pet feel better, move better, and learn how to respond better. Think about it–you know how much better your body and mind feel after a massage, the same is absolutely true for you pet!

MehrKatWhy Pet Massage? Simply put…
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Kindred Spirits Open House

Kindred Spirits Open House

Saturday, November 16, 2013
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Free Massage will be offered by The Right Spot, as well as Tui-Na and Reiki!!

Please call Kindred Spirits to reserve a spot!

Kindred Spirits
1607 Simpson St.
Evanston, IL



MehrKatKindred Spirits Open House
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Miles for the Mothers – Benefiting The Puppy Mill Project

The Right Spot had a great day at The Miles for the Mothers Walk on Sunday, October 20, 2013 in Highland Park, IL. This walk benefited and helps spread the word about a great organization located right here in IL – The Puppy Mill Project. Their goal is to educate the public about the sad state of puppy mills, while also working to shut puppy mills down.Below are some pictures of just a sample of the great dogs I met at this event!

MehrKatMiles for the Mothers – Benefiting The Puppy Mill Project
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Spooky Pooch Parade 2013

The Right Spot had a beautiful and very fun day at the Chicago Botanic Garden for their annual Spooky Pooch Parade/ Many dog and their people were dressed up for Halloween! We met some great dogs and had a very fun day! Below are some of the wonderful dogs I had the opportunity to meet and give “quickie” massages to! For more great photos, visit The Right Spot’s facebook page!

MehrKatSpooky Pooch Parade 2013
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Friends at Canine Corral!

Here are a few of the friends I’ve met at Canine Corral in Chicago. Canine Corral is a great place that offers grooming, doggie daycare, boarding, classes and now MASSAGE from The Right Spot! Check them out at

Some of my new friends are seen for anxiety issues, arthritis, fear, maintenance for agility, and overall well being.


MehrKatFriends at Canine Corral!
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Wonderful Article Featuring The Right Spot!

Wow! What a great surprise! Lisa Davis recently wrote an article about Pets and Emotions. Lisa mentioned The Right Spot because of her bringing Benny, a wonderful pit bull she was fostering, in for a massage!

Pets and Emotional Pain

Published on May 8th, 2013 | by Lisa Davis

Does Your Furry Friend Ever Get Happy or Jealous?

As a dog owner and animal rights supporter, I have often wondered if animals feel emotional pain. Do they get jealous? Depressed? Happy? From my experience working with dogs, my answer is yes.

petpainRecently I fostered a dog named Benny. Benny had an interesting story – he was a former bait dog who was rescued and was in need of temporary housing until his adoptive family could take him. I fostered Benny for a weekend while my dog Boo stayed with a friend. (Unfortunately, Benny wasn’t ready to be around other dogs.) With Benny, I witnessed firsthand that a dog could express joy. Benny had the rare ability to literally smile when he was happy, like when he got a pet massage with The Right Spot. I could see his grin. Or when I would rub his belly, I could hear him laughing with this grunting noise.

My dog Boo, on the other hand, exhibited different types of emotion: jealousy and sadness. After Benny left my house, I picked up Boo from my friend. At first she seemed excited to see me, but then after she smelled Benny’s scent on my jacket and in my car, she looked at me and turned away, never turning toward me again that evening, not even for some ice cream I bought her as a truce.

A dog trainer at PetSmart in Mount Prospect, Illinois told me that Boo could smell Benny’s scent and that made Boo feel jealous, as if Benny was going to replace her. Of course, I felt terrible and worked to remove his scent, but still, it took Boo a couple days to warm up.

According to Marc Bekoff, PhD, author of the book, The Emotional Lives of Animals: A Leading Scientist Explores Animal Joy, Sorrow, and Empathy—and Why They Matter, “No matter what we call it, researchers agree that animals and humans share many traits, including emotions.”

But not every scientist is so certain. Lynne U Sneddon, a senior lecturer in the Animal Behaviour Team and the Programme Leader for the B.Sc. in Animal Management and Zoo Management at the University of Chester in England, said some scientists suggest that only primates and humans can feel emotional pain, as they are the only animals that have a neocortex – the thinking area of the cortex found only in mammals. “An important issue in animal pain is empathy, and many arguments about what animals feel can only be based on the human experience and, therefore, may be tainted with anthropomorphism [the attribution of human characteristics and qualities to non-human beings],” said Sneddon. “However, research has provided evidence that monkeys, dogs, cats and birds can show signs of emotional pain and display behaviors associated with depression during painful experience, i.e. lack of motivation, lethargy, anorexia, and unresponsiveness to other animals.”

From my own experience, after Boo returned home, she didn’t eat, even turned down her favorite treat, ice cream. She also barely looked at me for several days, and seemed lethargic and sad. Some may say my observations were the result of anthropomorphism, but I disagree. I know my dog, and I know that she genuinely felt some type of emotional pain – jealousy or sadness – from me hanging out with Benny. And I know Benny experienced happiness and joy when he received his pet massage, as evidenced by the smile on his face. Regardless of what the skeptics say, I choose to believe that animals have feelings, good ones and even painful ones. (Watch this video of a dog responding to being taken to his owner’s grave.)

About the Author

Lisa Davis is the editor-in-chief of Pain Resource’s print publication and also a contributor to several award-winning health, lifestyle and travel publications, including USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, and more. When she’s not at the keyboard, she enjoys photography, hiking, yoga, playing tennis and working on her children’s book, featuring her puppy Boo, to be published in 2014. She is also a certified Pilates instructor teaching at health clubs in Chicago where she lives.

MehrKatWonderful Article Featuring The Right Spot!
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